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Chester Grey in Alert Level 2

August 31, 2020

Auckland is returning to work under Alert Level 2 and our office is going to be open from Monday 31st August.However Alert Level 2 is not life as ‘normal’ and as there are still on-going cases coming to light, we have some restrictions and other measures remain in place to reduce the risk of transmission.

When visiting our office

  • Please do not come to our office if you are unwell.
  • You will find the building manager has established some protocols around the use of the lift in our building – there is a one person only policy on the use of the lift unless it’s with colleagues.
  • If you have downloaded the NZ Covid Tracer App then please scan the QR code on our door.If you don’t scan the code then you will be asked to complete the ‘sign in’ sheet so that if we are asked we can say who has been in the office (if asked).
  • We recommend that you wear a mask while in our office.If you don’t have one that you prefer to use, we do have some disposable masks available.
  • While we are in our ‘bubble’ the team are not wearing masking in the office, but if you would feel more comfortable for your meeting with a team member we will also wear a mask.Please don’t be afraid to ask that we put on a mask– we will not be offended in any way.
  • So should you wish to visit please make an appointment first – that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see our clients – we certainly do – but in light of the health requirements it just makes more practical sense to be more ordered in the way we meet. So, we encourage you to contact the office first to make an appointment so we can take the details down of who is visiting and obtain the relevant contract tracing information.
  • We need to adhere to the 2 meter social distancing rule so please be aware of that when you enter the office. Please do not be offended when we do not shake your hand when you arrive for your meeting.
  • We have plenty of hand sanitisers around the office so please use this if you would like to,
  • Our cleaning protocols have been increased to ensure all high touch surfaces are sanitised regularly.

However ultimately, we are keen to embrace this return to our office and to again return to meeting with clients in a non-virtual way (there are only so many Zoom meetings we can take), so we are certainly looking forward to catching up with you shortly.