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ACC Cover Plus Extra - You should have it!

December 15, 2016

If you are self-employed and/or on a shareholder salary you should be on the ACC Cover Plus Extra plan!

  • ACC Cover Plus Extra gives you certainty at claim time
  • Gives you cash when you most need it!

You know exactly your entitlements

You nominate the amount of ACC cover required to suit your individual circumstances. You may decide to reduce the amount of benefit as you have income cover elsewhere – the savings may be used to help pay your private insurance cost.

  • ACC Cover Plus Extra will guarantee a payment to you even if your business continues to generate an income
  • The ACC Cover Plus Extra benefit starts after 7 days of your injury off-work claim
  • The benefit payments continue in full till you return to work in a full time capacity
  • The benefit is an agreed amount so removes any concerns if you have variable income

For more information about ACC Cover Plus Extra and to find out if you qualify for it feel free to contact Carole on 277 8278 or email carole.smith@chestergrey.co.nz who will put you in contact with Gerard Gill.

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