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Changing for you

July 26, 2016

IRD ideas on what tax may look like for small businesses in future

We’re transforming to make it faster and easier for New Zealanders and businesses to pay the tax and receive the entitlements they should.

As part of our transformation, we’ve created an easy-to-use website called Changing for You.

It shares our vision for the future of tax with small businesses and gives you the opportunity to tell us what they think.

It includes four short examples that outline our ideas on how managing tax may become easier for small businesses in the future. Each scenario includes text and a short video.

Visitors can have their say on each example by clicking a rating button or by submitting a free text comment.

Please take a few minutes to check out our new Changing for you website and spread the word today: www.changingforyou.ird.govt.nz

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