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Email Security - Warning

September 21, 2016

Beware, spam is getting more and more sophisticated; we recently received a copy of the email below which we have screen shot (do not panic about clicking on it).

This is clearly spam as when (in the original email – won’t work on the screen shot copy) you hover with the mouse (without clicking) on the link it is a different URL and NOT related to Xero. All the elements of the email are spot on, with subtle changes like the email address, but the wording of the email replicates the default email template from a Xero ledger.

Given this is purporting to come from a very large IT business which we are all familiar with, it is clearly one which at first glance you might find very easy to accept its legitimacy. But beware and if in doubt here’s our Number 1 rule:

Do Not click on a link or open an attachment from anyone you are not familiar with.

Even if it is someone you are familiar with, always hover your mouse over the link to see the actual URL and if it doesn’t match the one on the email it’s a sure sign of spam

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