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Every undeclared cash job leaves a trail

November 28, 2017

IRD are looking hard at tax crime in the building sector, you might have come across some of their advertising about it.

Whether it's you or your accountant that prepares your GST and income tax returns, please make sure all your income is declared. If you don't declare cash jobs you can be hit with tax penalties and a criminal conviction that could affect your ability to contract for work, or may lead to prison.

It's okay to do jobs for cash, as long as you record them and declare the income. Get it right by:

  • charging GST (if you're registered for it)
  • recording every job
  • registering your employees, and
  • declaring every dollar.

If you've left some income off your previous returns, it's best to let us know now so that amended returns can be lodged with IRD, rather than wait for IRD to find out another way – IRD have ways to help you get back on track

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