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How would you feel if your insurance premiums could pay off a student loan?

July 23, 2015

Imagine the feeling of having your student loan paid off while continuing to have the security of insurance. Repay arrange insurance policies so that as you pay your premium, 5% of the premium goes towards a student loan debt. You have the security of insurance while the loan debt gets paid off quicker.

The ability to arrange this service is due to a loyalty rewards company called Feejoa. Feejoa have a contract with the IRD that facilitates the payment of a student loan thru reward dollars. The reward dollars is actual cash paid by merchants, e.g. Warehouse Stationery, that is debited against a nominated student loan. You do not have to have a loan. You can help pay off someone else’s simply by becoming a Feejoa member.

  • Repay, a Feejoa merchant, will pay 5% of your insurance premium towards any student loan you choose.
  • You can help pay off your son or daughter’s student loan.
  • Using insurance partners such as Lloyds, AMP, Vero, Southern Cross and NZI.
  • Providing an extensive range of insurance products.
  • Your house, life, contents, and income insurance premiums can all contribute.
  • Competitive premiums and comprehensive policies.
  • Access to qualified insurance advisers to help you.

To get your insurance premiums working for you go to www.repay.co.nz.

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