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Insurance is like a fire extinguisher!

May 5, 2015

A lot of us have bought a fire extinguisher but hope we never have to use it. If we do have a fire we want the extinguisher to be easy to use and too work!!

When purchasing a fire extinguisher it is important to research which model / type is best for you and be confident it will work. You will probably seek advice and compare the various models prior to purchase.

Insurance is a bit like a fire extinguisher. A lot of us have insurance for our house, contents, car, life, disability and health. We hope we never have to use it. If we do have to use our insurance, we want it to be easy to use and to work the way we thought it would.

How do you know which insurance policy will pay out as you expect at claim time? A lot of insurers promote themselves using glossy brochures while others promote a view of financial strength and security. Who offers the better policy? You could request the various insurance companies to send thru their full policy document for you to read and analyse or you could contact an insurance broker.

A professional broker will know each insurance companies policy benefits and shortcomings. Furthermore the broker will support you if you have to make a claim which may speed up the claim process and ensure you receive your full benefit entitlement.

Gerard Gill BBS Dip.Per.Risk.Mgmt.

Business Risk Specialist

Chester Grey partners with Gerard Gill, an insurance broker, to make sure our clients are effectively covered. If you wish to discuss your insurance plan to make sure it will pay out, please contact Gerard by email or phone to arrange a meeting

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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