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Managing your GST online is now quicker and easier

February 21, 2017

Introducing My GST

There's a new section in myIR called My GST - it looks a little different, but you can still do everything you need, plus some new things. This is the first of many changes we'll make over the next few years to make tax simpler for you.

To check out the new My GST section, log in to your myIR account and select the My GST tab to get started.

CG Note:

IRD rolled out their new GST platform earlier in the month and its fair to say its really different from what we are used to! IRD will be sending their payment reminder notices, statements, notices of assessment etc all via their new platform.

You will need a myIR account to work with the new My GST so if you don’t have one already you will need to register now. CLICK HERE to go to the IRD web site GST online changes are here for further information or call us for assistance

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