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Planning for your future starts today

February 25, 2015

Simply, to have a lifestyle you enjoy in retirement you need to make some decisions today. In order to make the right decisions you need a strategy and an action plan and most importantly; execution.

For most people, retirement is not about investing in financial products, because in reality few people have surplus money to invest. In fact a high proportion of people are going to be going into retirement with a mortgage and with no savings, so buying shares or financial products is not an option on any level.

So instead of investing, the first step to retirement is to make sure you are mortgage free before you hit retirement. If you are not mortgage free then you need a plan to sort this. Time is of the essence, more so than ever before. The sooner you start, the sooner you take control back.

Remember, before you start, you must diagnose your financial situation. You need to understand what your retirement will look like and what it will cost.

For most, there is going to be a shortfall between what you are likely to have and what you will need. A bridge must then be built between the two.

For many this is a very sensitive process that takes some bravery to confront. You need to be free of emotion. It can be challenging but you simply need to be getting ahead because falling backwards in not an option.

Whilst everyone's goals are different and their situations are unique, universally, planning for your future is not supposed to cause anxiousness and retirement should not be ignored.