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Tax Audit Retainer Service

February 21, 2017

For many years, the Inland Revenue Department have been provided funding to target investigations of tax payer’s compliance. Over the recent year that funding is significant. Their aim is to not just encourage compliance but also identify and recover under returned and under paid tax.

IRD investigations can take time and incur professional fees. Our Tax Audit Retainer Service (TARS) provides the benefit of minimising our fees for attending to a tax audit, investigation or Risk Review, depending on the level of retainer you choose. Further, you can reduce the stress on yourself by having professional help without the worry about the cost of the accounting fee. There is no doubt that having professional advice during a tax audit is a good idea - we can tell you some horror stories about people who have tried to “go it alone”.

The cover has been designed to represent the average level of professional fees incurred during a standard IRD investigation based on historical evidence. Should the investigation seem likely to incur more fees than the cover we will liaise with you to provide an estimate of any additional fees at the time.

For more information on our Tax Audit Retainer Service please contact Carole by phone (09) 277 8278 or email carole.smith@chestergrey.co.nz

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