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Turn your insurance premiums into an employee benefit!

November 28, 2017

Help your staff with paying their student loan at NO cost to you!

Enhance your reputation as an employer of choice through this innovative employee benefit.

In a world first, Repay has created the unique opportunity for New Zealander’s to pay money towards a student loan debt by utilising insurance premiums.

Simply allow Repay’s insurance contacts to match or better your current insurance arrangements. Repay will then forward up to 30%* of the premium to Inland Revenue to be applied to your nominated student loan debt(s). An easy way to look after your staff. You turn your insurance premiums into an employee benefit!

Actual percentage varies from 5% to 30% dependent on the type of insurance

  • 30% is applied for life, mortgage repayment, trauma permanent disablement and income protection policies.
  • 10% is applied for health insurance.
  • 5% is applied for all other insurances.
  • From the second year, 5% applies for all insurances.

Repay was established to provide the opportunity for people to use insurance premiums as a way to reduce student loan debt. Repay does not provide insurance advice. The company utilises a network of advisers covering most insurance requirements (personal and business). The network has access to most of the major insurance companies and offers very competitive pricing.

Payments are made to a student loan via Inland Revenue. Loan payment funding is sourced from commission earned on new policies issued by the insurance companies.

Call Repay on 0800 737 295 or go to repay.co.nz

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