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Want to help pay off your children's student loan?

September 20, 2017

You can contribute to paying off your children’s student loan by simply paying your insurance premiums. This innovative approach is provided by Repay. As you pay your house, life, car, liability or any other insurances a portion of the premium is forwarded to Inland Revenue. When Inland Revenue receive the money they assign the money to your nominated student loan.

The nominated student loan maybe yours, your son or daughter or niece, nephew or family friend. As long as the person has a student loan the insurance premium money will be allocated to them.

As we are all paying for insurance this is an easy way to gain a tangible benefit that helps our young people.

Your insurance premiums are either the same or in many cases cheaper than what you are currently paying. You may find you are paying less for your insurances while helping someone pay off their student loan. It makes sense to check this amazing offer out.

If you are interested in helping to pay off a student loan go to repay.co.nz or call 0800 737 295.

Gerard Gill

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