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We have a new Phone system

November 3, 2016

With recent changes within our office we are now using an Automatic Attendant phone system

This means that when you call us you will get an list of instructions

Press 1 then the extension number of the person you wish to speak to and you will be connected them directly.

or Press 2 and you will hear a list of the Accounting Team numbers

or Press 3 and you will hear a list of the Back Office Team numbers

or Press 4 and you will get the either Donna or Carole who will be able to transfer you to a member of the teams and to Stephen, Margaret or Scott

The extension numbers for our teams are as follows;


5157 Tim Appleton

5158 Venay Nair

5155 Michael Chen

4101 JingJing Pan

5156 Anna Yong

3142 Shannon Corbett

5152 Susan Arudas

5153 Sanjana Singh


5159 Adam Grey

4100 Amy Chen


5150 Carole Smith

5151 Donna Williams

This is a big change for both us and our clients so please bear with us while we get used to our new system

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