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Business 'as usual' - working under Alert Level 1

So after 75 days of various alert levels from being locked in our ‘remote offices’ to varying degrees of ‘normal’ in and out of the office, from Tuesday, the 9th of June all our team will be returning to the office – proper.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t taken plenty of ‘learnings’ from our time apart, working across Zoom or MS Teams, adapting to our ‘flexible working patterns’. As Jacinda has quite rightly pointed out, let’s not forget how we adapted and enabled our workforce during this time and perhaps consider embracing those learnings into a long-term strategy. Yes, there are benefits to working from home but at the same time we are all keen to venture back to our office which allows for that ‘separation’ and balance of work vs home life.

For our clients – please feel free to come to the office – albeit we are clearly experienced in video conferencing should you wish. There will be no physical restrictions in our office from tomorrow and as required under the wishes of the Government, we have been registered for some time with the Government tracing app – so we would encourage also the use of that app so that when coming to the office you can scan our code which is located on our door. There will be no contact tracing book to sign as this is no longer a requirement of business – it is up to the individual to keep a contact tracing log.

We like you, do not wish to go back up through the Levels and would like to take the opportunity to thank all our clients, network partners, staff, families and friends for uniting during this time.

From all the team at Chester Grey

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As a firm of Chartered Accountants, accounting services are at the core of what we do, but where we think we’re different is in our holistic approach to business development and strategic planning to help you build a better business and ultimately greater wealth.


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